• Cyber Security Information Assurance

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    <h3>Cyber Security <span>Information Assurance</span></h3>

Cyber Security/Information Assurance Services

Cyber Security plays a pivotal role in protecting life, economics, and national security. Ecocentrics has years of experience in providing multi-layer security services securing the most important networks, data sets, infrastructures, financial systems, and utilities. We believe in providing holistic full life-cycle risk management security services to protect our client’s investments. Our security services will help safeguard your business by using net-centric solutions which gives analytical visibility of activities across your infrastructure to protect against internal threats, data breaches, application vulnerabilities, unauthorized configuration changes, and external threats such as hackers. Some of the key services providing are but not limited to:

  • Information Assurance Services
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Data Security Management
  • Computer Incident Response
  • Security Engineering
  • Certification & Accreditation Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Independent Verification & Validation
  • Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Privacy Controls
  • Security Testing & Evaluation
  • Identity and Access Management

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Protection demands intelligence and a proactive approach to combat against cybercrimes, malicious actions, vulnerable assets and technical glitches. We work to enhance and promote cyber security by analyzing and staying abreast of new trends, technologies,practices and policies. Be assured that we will keep your organization secure, safe and robust by including intelligent resources to effectively prevent, detect, and react to rogue cyber dangers. Our team incorporates industry led regulations such as OMB, NIST, DIACAP,FISMA, HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, and RMF.Plus, we take a proactive approach by collaboratively working with cyber security industry partners to ensure that we stay abreast of industry security trends.

Ecocentrics uses the latest technologies and techniques to harden your hardware systems and software applications. Our security in depth approach will keep you protected while providing life-cycle risk management, vulnerability management, configuration management and security training.

Whether your INFORMATION is physical, technical or administrative be ASSURED that the availability, confidentiality and integrity will be protected by one of the industry’s leading cyber security firm.